Life of a Nomad

‘Remember then, that you cannot get lost, 
because you don’t know where to go.’-Hugo J.K. de Vries 

Grey days like today remind my body that it was not made for enduring this weather and that regardless of already enduring three winters before this one it still needs double digits to be fully functional. It seems unreal that only three years ago I would of never seen the snow falling down out my window, as I do today. It also seems unreal that in less than four years I have lived in three different houses, three different cities, three different continents. I could almost say that I have had three different lives and I frequently think I am somewhat of a nomad. Quick summary:

I. The Early Years,  Manhattan-New York: My dad was getting his S.J.D (doctorate) at NYU Law already married to my mom, when I decided to make my ‘grands débuts’ in the Big Apple. Unfortunately I could not conquer the city and we left before I was two (and therefore, because of it’s briefness is that I omitted it from my initial count but I had to include it, come on it’s NYC.).

II. Home, Quito-Ecuador: Here’s the big chunk, my life in its entirety basically. Not born but raised in the beautiful Andean capital that lays in the middle of a ridge of mountains and volcanoes. Ecuador is an amazing country, despite being named after the imaginary line that crosses it, that it is often mistaken to be in Africa, the fact that it is thought as a synonym  of either or all of the following: bananas, coffee, petroleum; and that it is about of the size of  the state of Wyoming. It might be small but it has everything from the most gorgeous beaches, the amazon jungle, Galapagos islands and the Andean highlands. The short distances allowed me to have a life full of summers surfing, weekends hiking or camping and frequent spontaneous road-trips. No seasons, temperatures at its coldest around 20 C, yep life was pretty sweet.  But I still felt that I had to leave, I needed something new.

III. College, Dorms-Philadelphia: Barely 18, just graduated from school, I flew to the East Coast of the US of A to Villanova University. Located in the wealthy suburbs of Philly: home of the Eagles, the Liberty Bell, Benjamin Franklin, the steps from Rocky and of course philly cheesesteaks. It was something new alright. You know all the shows and movies about American college life? They are true, they are documentaries, purely non-fictional; and I was in one. Well , not entirely true, but it was such an alien concept for me as part of the 10% diversity percentage of the student body. Frat parties, societies for just about anything (from Greek life to Quidditch team), March Madness and needing an ID for buying alcohol were fictional things to me and suddenly they became tangible. All that aside, it became my new home. I met some of the greatest people I am now lucky enough to call friends, had life changing Professors, turned into a college basketball junkie, learned to appreciate my family and friends from home, had my first snow fight, partied four days straight in Spring Fling, survived my first all nighters, learned the beauty of procrastination and to cherish Late-Night  at Connelly. I grew up (a little), learned to manage my own responsibilities (sort of), but most importantly I learned to shamelessly to yell to the top of my lungs ‘Go Wildcats!’ But of course, after two years my feet were starting to twitch, I needed more, different, new.

IV. Life, Flat 5-London: And so in September I moved to London, yes, London. ‘You know: fish, chips, cup ‘o tea, bad food, worse weather, Mary fucking Poppins… LONDON’. But it is so much more than Avi brilliantly summarizes it to be in this line from the movie Snatch. London has to be the most amazing city in the world, I feel it has so many opportunities and choices that I just want to reach out and seize them all. Yes it has been overwhelming and yes as of now I am not a fan of the weather, but tomorrow when I am walking in the streets I will stop for a second and think to myself again ‘God, I live in the most beautiful city in the world’.

And that in a nutshell has been my nomad life. I have been blessed with opportunities and a restless mind that has not allowed me to sit still for a second, made me fearless of the unknown and impatiently urges me to always find something new.

So London, I’m here. Bring it on.